shreddingWhy it’s important for businesses to employ destruction service methods.

All businesses will have to discard data. Customer lists, price lists, sales statistics, bids and correspondence, and even memos contain information about business activity, which would be of interest to your competitor. sEvery business is also entrusted with information that must be kept private. Employees and customers have the legal right to have data protected.

Tomahawk Industries can increase your security with “on-site” destruction of your confidential information.

Years ago, the computer industry speculated that we would soon be entering a paperless society. Even though that hasn’t occurred yet, and as electronic data storage is becomming the standard for business, documents are still printed in hard copy can be of a highly confidential nature.

Government, business, and industry are all becoming pro-active with regard to security by adopting comprehensive document destruction practices to prevent potentially damaging situations.

Businesses have a moral and legal responsibility to safeguard the public trust. Failure to do so may result in loss of goodwill, loss of business, loss of income and may result in a criminal and/or civil penatlies.

Even if companies only destroy documents to cut back on paper storage costs, Tomahawk Industries can provide a cost effective service for just that.

Office relocations are ideal opportunities to dispose of obsolete but potentially damaging information.

Call Tomahawk Industries today for a comprehensive look at what our destruction services can provide for your business.