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Providing security shredding and destruction services.

Providing on-site and off-site shredding of documents, computer disks, x-rays, almost anything.

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To provide comprehnsive and legally compliant destruction services for business from small to enterprise. To provide gold standard services to all customers and provide them peace of mind that their identities and businesses are that much safer. To be a resource for information on practical and ethical identity security management for all, individual and business alike.

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Government regulations and information on destruction laws

Government Regulations / State and Federal Privacy Laws

The federal and state governments have enacted a number of laws to protect the privacy and confidentiality of client information. Failure to insure proper and reliable document disposal could subject a business to substantial penalties, including fines, civil damages, or even criminal liability.

Following are only some of the relevant laws impacting document destruction practices:

The Shredding Law – 1999 Wisconsin Act 9.

This law covers the method of destroying personal information of clients.  All medical business, tax preparation business and financial institutions may not dispose of records containing an individual’s personal information unless the information is unreadable.  This can be accomplished by shredding, erasing, modifying the record in some way to make it unreadable, or takes action to guarantee no unauthorized person has contact with information through the destruction of the information.

Tomahawk shredding helps keep our client data safe and our business in compliance when we need to dispose of old records and business data. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Giles’ services and Tomahawk Shredding to anyone.

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